My story about renting an apartment in hcmc

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I used to hate living in the apartment a lot, but only after about 1 month of moving to a new condominium, my point of view has completely changed.

There was a time when I lived in the 4th class house, which is in a neighborhood near the city center, and I found it extremely inconvenient. There are a lot of things that reduced the quality of life of my family greatly. My family decided to move to a middle-income apartment in District 2, consisting of 3 bedrooms, which is enough for my parents and husband and children to live together.

I know condominiums and detached houses have their own advantages and disadvantages, but I would like to present my ideas to encourage living in a condominium instead of a detached house.

Clear path

Back to the time when I still lived in my old house, moving around by motorcycles are pretty difficult. Although the alley was quite narrow, people displayed goods for sale and took up too much space. Everytime we wanted to go out, we had to walk a long distance to catch a taxi. But now we’re living in the apartment for rent in ho chi minh city, we just need to go down the hall and catch a taxi immediately.

Convenient Shopping

Despite living near the center, going to the market or supermarket was extremely difficult as they are all too far from where I lived, and I didn’t want to buy foods from the street hawkers either. On the other hand, around my new apartment, everything is available. There is a supermarket next to the apartment, and I can also buy almost anything from the convenience stores nearby.

Neighbors have high intellectual levels

Neighbors in the old house are not very well-educated. They were always screaming and shouting, singing until midnight even in the funerals. They are so talkative as they gossips about everything they saw or heard in an totally annoying way.

Condominium residents are very knowledgeable, always asking me if I need helps. They take care of their neighbors like their own family but still respect the private life of the others.


Old neighbors dropped litter almost everywhere, even in the other houses. I remembered that I have to clean those mess up every morning because I can’t bear being surrouned by dirty garbages. Vehicles are carelessly parked and therefore, block the path. I did ask them nicely to move them to somewhere else, but they just ignored my words and some of them complainted back to me.

In our apartment, there are many trash cans and at the end of the corridor are pipes which lead the trash to a special place. In addition, corridors are always clean and the underground parking lot are very modern and spacious.